Dominions II: Mod guidelines

If you have made a mod you want to share with the world (or with us), please send it over.

If the mod is complete it will be posted in the Official and Completed Mods section.
Otherwise it will be posted in the Incomplete and less serious mods section.

Completed Mods

* The mod must have a tga banner.
* The mod must have a description.
* All units must have descriptions.
* All units in the mod must have two tga files (normal and attack phase).
* Mod tga files and data files must be placed in a separate directory as showed in the hoburg mod. Otherwise there is a chance that different mods replace the content of each other.

The following to make posting easier for us.
* The mod must be zipped.
* Together with the zip (but not zipped) we want a jpg of the banner.
* We also want an explanation that explains what the mod does and what monster numbers are used.

If these criteria are not met the mod will be placed under Incomplete and less serious mods.

Unit guidelines

(More will be added)
* Humans should have a height of 32 pixels.
* Shadows are painted with RGB 255.0.255 (magenta)

Soldier cost
Regular 10 10 10
Elites 11 11-13 13-15
Special Elites 11-13 12-15 15-25

30-50 Gold. More prominent leaders and exceptional leaders cost more.

Mages, first path
Lvl 1: +30
Lvl 2: +90
Lvl 3: +150

second path
Lvl 1: +20
Lvl 2: +60
Lvl 3: +100

third path
Lvl 1: +10
Lvl 2: +30
Lvl 3: +50

Lvl 2: +20
Lvl 3: +50
Lvl 4: +150

Unholy Priests
Lvl 1: +20
Lvl 2: +50
Lvl 3: +150

E.g. a level 2/1 mage would cost at least 30 (commander cost) + 90 (lvl 2) + 20 (lvl 1) = 140 gold. Sacred units generally costs 50% more.

Resource cost
* Will be added

Other Tips

* In version 2.06 modding does not allow yo uto change sites. If you want capitol only units use one of the unique sites that lets you recruit special troops and change the units in it to fit your preferences.