Dominions. Screenshots

The main screen is where commanders move and it is also the place to inspect your provinces.

A horde of elephants about to charge enemy light cavalry and archers. The elephant army is commanded by an Astrologer who has a spearman bodyguard to protect him from any stray enemies.

Mercenaries are hired on a global market. If one player puts a higher bid than another player then the highest bidder is most likely to get them. Of course the mercenaries can change loyalties if the other player increases his bid later.

Most Mercenaries can only be recruited on land, but there are some amphibian mercenaries too. These can be recruited in underwater provinces as well as on land. These are often feared by underwater nations as they provide an easy way for enemies to attack their sea provinces.

It is possible to forge magic items and equip your commanders with them. There are over 300 different magic items and artifacts in the game. Magic artifacts are powerful items that there can be only one of. If one player creates an artifact like for instance The Forbidden Light, then no one else can create that item (unless it gets destroyed somehow).

There are seven schools of magical research and there are eight paths of magic. The paths determine the strength of a mage e.g. a mage can have the path of fire at level 2. The schools of magic determine what spells the mages can cast e.g. evocation level 3 enables all mages of the path of fire level 2 or more to cast fireballs. The game features over 400 different spells that varies from simple attack spells like Lightning Bolt to rituals that affect the entire world like Second Sun.

One of Ermor's main armies has been magically attacked by one of their enemies. Here a nature mage has sent a magic flight of black hawks to attack Ermor.

Heroes may enter the Hall of Fame if they win enough battles or kill extraordinary amounts of enemies. Heroes in the Hall of Fame get an heroic ability like heroic strength. This ability will incease in power as long as the hero remains famous. It will even increase in power if the hero is dead. This way a dead hero might be more powerful if he should ever manage to rise again.