Dominions. Map Gallery

These are new maps as well as maps that weren't included in the earliest versions of Dominions. To add a new map, just unzip the files to your dominions data directory (where all other .map files can be found).

Instructions for Mac OS X users: Control-click on on your dominions application, select "Show Package Contents", and open up the resources folder. Then move the map data files from each individual downloaded map folder into the the resources folder.

Feel free to draw your own maps and send them to us at

An ordinary map. No fancy stuff, unless you add it yourself.

Number of provinces: 210. 12 underwater
Recommended number of players: 10-14

The Cimmeria map is included on the full version CD, but it contains an error in version<=1.02 so you might want to replace it.

download map:

boreaThis map is very large and rich. Consider using low world richness.

Number of Provinces: 325
Recommended number of players: 12-14.

download map:

Unix user might need to rename the image from Borea.tga -> borea.tga

The Flower
flowerA straight forward map with several seas.

Number of provinces:  112. 19 underwater.
Recommended number of players: 6-12.

download map:

Hollow World
hollow This is an experimental map with three levels. The Primal Plane is magically rich and well defended. There is only one entrance to the Primal Plane. The Underworld is also quite well defended. There are several entrances into the underworld, including underwater ones. The sea provinces also have two levels.

Number of Provinces: 129. 20 large underwater provinces.
Recommended number of players: 7-12

The map may be confusing and the use of 'shift' - 'N' (shows all neighbouring provinces) is very useful.

download map:

GranaThis zip file comes with a scenario based on this map as well as a non scenario version suitable for multiplayer games.

Color scheme is inspired by the Realm Wars map.

Scenario: Reemergence of Grana
The old empire of Grana was almost destroyed by internal strife when the kingdom of Nydia summoned dark powers and forced the provinces of the empire to rebel against their masters. With the aid of the golden adepts Grana succeded in destroying the marching armies of Nydia in the broken land known as the Devastation. The ministers of Grana are now trying to rebuild the empire, but the lesser kingdoms have tasted freedom and refuse to succumb to the once mighty empire.

The first nation to conquer Grana wins the scenario.

download map:

cirlaniA medium sized world with lots of seas. No scenario. Some unpassable borders.

Number of Provinces:85.

download map:

The Ripple - War of Nine Nations ripple

A medium sized world with few seas. Can be played with fixed starting positions for Abysia, Atlantis, Caelum, C'tis, Man, Marignon, Pangaea, Pythium and Ulm. Some unpassable borders.

Number of Provinces: 124.

download map:

Rimhall & The Valley of the Loremasters rim

A not so large world with surrounding seas. All provinces are named. Several unpassable borders. Forests are represented by trees that won't disappear due to heat or death.

Scenario: Valley of the Loremasters
When Abd-Al-Hazrad reopened the city of a thousand pillars he unleashed the ancient powers of the Lost. The reawakened God instantly moved to reclaim the ancient Crystal Citadel of the Loremasters. The gods of the north, fearing that the Loremasters were unable to defend themselves from the onslaught of the dead, decided to take the Citadel before the great Adversary. But the Loremasters were resourceful and rallied the Metal Orders in an attempt to stall the invasions. Now three nations under the wise rule of Metal Mages must stop the three advancing powers before they can take the Citadel of the Loremasters.

Marignon, Ulm and Man defends the Valley of the Loremasters from Abysia, Vanheim and Jotunheim. The defending nations are allied. Abysia, Vanheim and Jotunheim must race each other to the valley as only one of them can win.

Some of the players have their home sites replaced making them quite different from what might be expected. Abysia for example relies heavily on death magic. All three Adversaries have high gem incomes and summoning sites at the start of the game. The defendes on the other hand have have access to skilled researchers with random skills.

The first Adversary to reach the Valley of the Loremasters (49) is victorious.

The scenario will not work well if the defendes are set to computer players as the alliance is based on trust, something computers don't understand. The Adversaries on the other hand might be replaced by computer players without problems.

Number of Provinces: 94.

download map:

Players Contributed Maps

 Realm Wars
realmwar This beautiful map was created by Jason Lutes. He has given unique names to most of the provinces giving the world a nice feeling.

Number of Provinces: 83.

The map is designed for nine specific sides: Vanheim, Jotunheim, Pangaea, Ulm, Pythium, Man, Marignon, and Ermor. You can play with less than nine, of course. Each side has a pre-set starting province.

With the zip comes a realmreadme.txt with some additional remarks by Jason.

download map:

The Hex
Hex This map was created by Alex Poger. The map is intended to give fourteen players starting positions of equal strategical value.

download map:

Dandelion This map was created by Tomas Olsson Gille. It is a wrap around map where the eastern and the western provinces neighbour each other. Read more in the readme file in the zip.

download map:

Northern America
Northerna This map was originally created by a pretender known as JHWH. It has been remade by Alex Poger so it can be used in Dominions.

download map: FNA

Elric of Melnibone
Elric This map was created by Philippe Malacher based on the Elric stories by Michael Moorcock.

294 total provinces (18 seas, 53 basic seas w/o sites, 15 navigables rivers with sites, 17 sea lanes and dozen of customized provinces names and special locations).

Elric of Melnibone scenario: At the time of this scenario, the upstart humans of the Young Kingdoms have eclipsed the Bright Empire of Melnibone. It is the world at the time of Elric VIII, last of the Sorcerer-Emperors of Melnibone. See associated readme file, and gazetteer file for further informations on solo and multiplay. Start locations are choosen amongst a pool of equilibrated provinces. Ermor should not play in the game, as there is only room for 13 races, and the nation's theme do not fit very well in the scenario (the bad guy is taken by Abysia). Abysia (Melnibonee) should be placed as a computer player (solo or multiplay), as the nation is very very strong. You can't play without Abysia declared, or the game will crash.

Victory points: If played multiplayer with an impartial host victory is claimed by the nation first to conquer some special provinces.

download map:

Hexblitz Jeff Tang's HEXblitz. Fast pacedmultiplayer map for six players.

download map: