Conquest of Elysium II

Version History

Conquest of Elysium is a fantasy game where you and your friends take control of a powerful warlord or wizard and struggle for total control of the continent. Up to eight players may participate and the computer can control any free players. The game is turn based so you only need one computer to play the game with up to seven friends.

Random Worlds

In your way to total control you need to conquer a lot of locations that will bring you income and other resources that you might need. These locations are owned by independent monsters or armies at the beginning of the game. The strength of the monsters varies heavily with what they guard. A small farm can be guarded by a few levies or it may be totally unguarded and an ancient castle can be guarded by a powerful vampire and his undead servants.
The world is randomly generated each time a new game is created so the map, its inhabitants and their magic items are differnent each time you play.

The main screen where you move your commanders and explore the world.

The Characters and the Monsters

There are seventeen different character classes to choose from, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. E.g. the barbarian has lots of powerful men but they do not have the technology to build war engines and are very vulnerable to magic. The demonologist collects human sacrifices and uses them to bind the demons he can summon. If he uses too few sacrifices the demons may get out of control and attack their summoner (and demons are very powerful indeed). The Enchanter has the ability to animate non living things, the resources needed for this varies from a silver sword for the creation of a living sword to a complete mine for the creation of a powerful iron golem. The Necromancer can raise the dead to join his army of undeads, but he always risks loosing his sanity by raising too many people. The shaman uses herbs to scry upon his enemies far away. When he finds them, he can send spirits to attack them or try to possess them and make them do his bidding. There are well over three hundred different kind of monsters in the game, so it will probably take a year or three before you have seen them all! And many of these monsters have special abilities that gives them a unique feeling (there are over 100 special abilites). For instance the doppelganger looks like an ordinary spearman until he enters melee combat, at which point he flings out his tentacles and turn his enemies into slimy creatures which will help him to win coming battles. The vampire can summon wolves and drain energy from his enemies. If the vampire gets slain anyway, then he will rise in his home ready to fight new battles. And much much more...


The development of this game started many many years ago and the game has been improved continually in order to get all the features that are now available (the graphics has stayed the same though, but it is the number of features that counts)!
The game has now been superceded by Conquest of Elysium 3 that has better graphics, is much more user friendly and has many new features as well.


This game has been out of circulation for a few years, but it can now be downloaded for free. It can be played on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. You can download the complete game here:

Conquest of Elysium II for Linux
Conquest of Elysium II for Windows and Linux
Conquest of Elysium II for Mac OSX